Pair O' Dice

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Highest: $460.00 Average: $193.81
Date Amount Bids Link
2023-Aug-08 $203.65 8
2023-May-28 $123.46 1
2023-Apr-02 $120.00 5
2023-Mar-21 $150.00 2
2023-Mar-08 $140.00 3
2022-Nov-11 $171.00 0
2022-Sep-17 $200.00 20
2022-Apr-16 $176.22 5
2021-Dec-29 $460.00 17

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Designed By:
Tye Stahley
Made By:
Ryan Sinatra (Extrusion Solution)
Category: Sequential Discovery
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Find your “lucky dice” and the money to place your bet.

House Rules:
#No spinning around! Security will toss you for being drunk!
*No banging on the machines! Again, security will toss you for misbehaving!
*No external tools! The house will not appreciate it if you bring in your own tool belt. Everything you need is provided in front of you.
*No children! You do not want them picking up who knows what off the floor and choking.
Primary Material: Original Price (USD):
Quality: Variants:
3D Printed
Number of Pieces: Release Date:
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Available From: More Information:
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Number Released:
Official difficulty level from the designer/maker if given.
Difficulty Level:
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Number of Moves: Rotations Required:
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