Ice Box

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Highest: $133.00 Average: $80.45
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2024-Feb-14 $50 1 puzzleparadise
2023-Dec-07 $63 1 puzzleparadise
2023-Nov-19 $40 0 puzzleparadise
2023-Jan-23 $65 12 puzzleparadise
2023-Jan-15 $70 5 puzzleparadise
2022-Nov-18 $61 4 puzzleparadise
2022-Sep-12 $35 2 puzzleparadise
2022-Aug-13 $95 15 puzzleparadise
2022-Apr-17 $100 11 puzzleparadise
2022-Feb-21 $133 23 cubicdissection
2022-Jan-30 $123 13 puzzleparadise
2022-Jan-14 $130 14 puzzleparadise

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2021 Puzzle Advent Calendar

Designed By:

Jared Petersen

Made By:


Category: Sequential Discovery Puzzle Box
Part of the Puzzle Advent Calendar 2021, the Ice Box is a chilly puzzle box with many steps but a single hidden compartment. Try to open the compartment to find the secret contents.
Find the tools that allow you to open the box!
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Quality: Variants:
3D Printed
Number of Pieces: Release Date:
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December 2021
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Official difficulty level from the designer/maker if given.
Difficulty Level:
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5.00 / 10
Number of Moves: Rotations Required:
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