Mighty Pin

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Highest: $141.00 Average: $92.27
Date Amount Bids Link
2024-Apr-12 $107 11 puzzleparadise
2024-Apr-08 $45 1 puzzleparadise
2024-Feb-08 $52 9 puzzleparadise
2024-Jan-10 $40 1 puzzleparadise
2023-Oct-22 $103 1 puzzleparadise
2023-Sep-09 $120 2 puzzleparadise
2023-Aug-25 $141 20 puzzleparadise
2023-Jul-01 $125 10 cubicdissection
2022-Oct-21 $124 8 puzzleparadise
2022-Jun-23 $70 11 puzzleparadise
2022-May-07 $82 9 puzzleparadise
2022-Apr-17 $90 12 puzzleparadise
2021-Sep-03 $100 16 puzzleparadise

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Designed By:

Alan Lunsford

Made By:

Layerbylayer Puzzles

Category: Free the Coin
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Remove the coin or token from the puzzle.
Material: Retail Price (USD):
Quality: Variants:
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Number of Pieces: Release Date:
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Available From: More Information:
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Number Released:
Official difficulty level from the designer/maker if given.
Difficulty Level:
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Number of Moves: Rotations Required:
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