Noodling Box

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Highest: $1300.00 Average: $956.62
Date Amount Bids Link
2024-Apr-25 $677 30 puzzleparadise
2023-Sep-24 $850 29 cubicdissection
2023-Sep-18 $700 1 cubicdissection
2023-Aug-22 $933 19 puzzleparadise
2023-Jul-02 $975 1 puzzleparadise
2023-Jul-02 $945 35 cubicdissection
2023-Jul-02 $1300 31 cubicdissection
2023-Jul-01 $925 4 cubicdissection
2023-Jun-26 $950 14 puzzleparadise
2023-Apr-02 $925 23 cubicdissection
2023-Mar-14 $1150 12 puzzleparadise
2023-Feb-26 $1150 15 puzzleparadise

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Designed By:

Eric Fuller

Made By:

Cubic Dissection (Eric Fuller)

Category: Puzzle Box
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Craftsman Quality, Limited Production
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