TIC Vault

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Highest: $340.00 Average: $260.90
Date Amount Bids Link
2024-Feb-14 $236 4 puzzleparadise
2024-Feb-11 $215 0 puzzleparadise
2023-Sep-27 $231 5 puzzleparadise
2023-Jul-31 $285 10 puzzleparadise
2023-Jul-14 $255 3 puzzleparadise
2023-Jun-18 $270 3 puzzleparadise
2023-Apr-25 $217 14 puzzleparadise
2023-Apr-02 $266 6 puzzleparadise
2023-Mar-31 $210 7 cubicdissection
2023-Feb-28 $340 10 puzzleparadise
2023-Jan-27 $295 12 puzzleparadise
2022-Nov-05 $311 35 puzzleparadise

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Designed By:

Andrew Crowell

Made By:

Andrew Crowell

Category: Sequential Discovery TIC
TIC Vault is a hybrid puzzle, combining Sequential Discovery puzzle box aspects with a Turning Interlocking Cube (TIC) puzzle. The TIC portion has a unique feature, but should not frighten anyone, it just requires a bit of logic.
There are 2 goals to the puzzle. First, is to unlock the vault. Second, is to find your unique ID number. Because each puzzle will have a unique ID number associated with it.
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3D Printed
Number of Pieces: Release Date:
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6.00 / 10
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