Hip Flask

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Highest: $210.00 Average: $168.49
Date Amount Bids Link
2023-Jul-25 $120.00 1 puzzleparadise.net
2023-Apr-24 $138.59 15 puzzleparadise.net
2023-Mar-18 $150.00 1 puzzleparadise.net
2022-Jul-27 $184.85 0 puzzleparadise.net
2022-May-11 $149.44 8 puzzleparadise.net
2022-Feb-17 $171.00 22 market.cubicdissection.com
2021-Nov-29 $190.00 7 market.cubicdissection.com
2021-Aug-24 $150.00 1 market.cubicdissection.com
2021-Mar-19 $200.00 12 puzzleparadise.net
2020-Nov-29 $144.00 7 market.cubicdissection.com
2020-Aug-21 $170.00 0 puzzleparadise.net
2020-Jun-21 $195.00 23 market.cubicdissection.com
2020-Jun-20 $186.00 16 market.cubicdissection.com
2020-Mar-13 $210.00 0 puzzleparadise.net

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Designed By:
Felix Ure
Made By:
Felix Ure
Category: Sequential Discovery
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Hip-Flask is Felix Ure's widely anticipated second design, following his very successful Titan take-apart puzzle. Described as a fiendishly challenging, multi-stage, sequential discovery puzzle, the goal is to remove the lid from the flask.
Remove the lid from the flask
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Quality: Variants:
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Number of Pieces: Release Date:
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January 2020
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