Dial Case

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Highest: $610.00 Average: $508.41
Date Amount Bids Link
2024-Mar-18 $411 5 puzzleparadise
2024-Mar-09 $428 0 puzzleparadise
2024-Jan-12 $465 10 puzzleparadise
2023-Dec-27 $435 2 puzzleparadise
2023-Sep-16 $595 0 puzzleparadise
2023-Sep-15 $600 42 puzzleparadise
2023-Aug-12 $422 2 puzzleparadise
2023-Aug-09 $610 16 puzzleparadise
2023-Jul-15 $610 35 puzzleparadise

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Designed By:

Junichi Yananose (Juno)

Made By:

Juno (Pluredro)

Category: Sequential Discovery
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Juno designed this puzzle to be of similar difficulty to our past complex SD puzzles, such as Slammed Car, Sequential Discovery Cubed Box, and Mittan. The perception of difficulty can vary greatly depending on the solver and the content of the puzzle. Some people may solve this puzzle quickly, while others may take much longer compared to other puzzles.

The top panel of the puzzle is made of Silky Oak, a distinctive Australian wood with speckled features. The middle layer consists of Fijian Mahogany, while Koto is used for the bottom panel and other parts made of white wood. The dark reddish-brown, hard wood is Jarrah.
Dial Case is a sequential discovery puzzle that typically requires about 15 moves to open the box, depending on your approach. When you solve the puzzle and open the box, you'll find a message indicating what you should do next.

Some people may find that this puzzle demands dexterity. If you encounter challenges or find it difficult to manipulate the pieces as desired, try considering if there is a more elegant way to move them. By observing Juno solving the puzzle, you will see that it can be solved smoothly with skillful manipulation. Like many of our other puzzles, it is not necessary to use excessive force, hit the puzzle, or rely on centrifugal force. By solving the puzzle and disassembling the parts for observation, you can understand the mechanisms employed within.
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Craftsman Quality, Limited Production
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