Lamella Fifteen

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2024-Apr-24 $168 5 puzzleparadise

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Designed By:

Yavuz Demirhan

Made By:

Cubic Dissection (Eric Fuller)

Category: Board Burr
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Lamella 15 is one of the more interesting designs I've come across in a long time; the prolific Yavuz has really outdone himself this time! Crafted from fine grandillo and ash, the board pieces are locked into right angles and must slide into centrally located slots to create an interesting symmetrical assembly. With a level 10.2 solution, this puzzle is as difficult as it is beautiful. It's the centerpiece of the update and I'm very happy we made this one!

Construction of this puzzle is painstaking...extra care was used to match up grain directions, resulting in an uniform, natural look. Fit is precise yet accommodating.
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June 2017
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Cubic Dissection
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