First Cylinder

(AKA: Alu Cylinder)

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Highest: $626.00 Average: $96.92
Date Amount Bids Link
2023-Dec-10 $50 baxterweb
2023-Dec-10 $60 baxterweb
2023-Dec-07 $50 0 puzzleparadise
2023-Oct-22 $55 1 puzzleparadise
2023-May-07 $65 14 puzzleparadise
2023-Apr-23 $50 1 puzzleparadise
2023-Apr-14 $55 1 puzzleparadise
2022-Oct-05 $57 1 puzzleparadise
2022-Apr-10 $85 baxterweb
2022-Mar-19 $66 6 puzzleparadise
2022-Feb-19 $65 5 cubicdissection
2021-Jun-21 $60 1 puzzleparadise
2021-Mar-13 $75 4 puzzleparadise
2021-Feb-13 $90 1 cubicdissection
2021-Feb-12 $110 5 cubicdissection
2021-Jan-15 $75 1 puzzleparadise
2020-Jul-30 $60 1 puzzleparadise
2020-Jul-23 $75 1 puzzleparadise
2020-Jun-20 $103 19 cubicdissection
2019-Dec-01 $65 18 cubicdissection
2019-Sep-07 $626 28 cubicdissection
2018-Nov-10 $104 baxterweb
2014-Jun-15 $76 11 cubicdissection
2007-Oct-18 $150 baxterweb

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Designed By:

Wil Strijbos

Made By:

Wil Strijbos (Streetwise)

Category: Disassembly Take-apart
A very well crafted puzzle milled from solid polished aluminium. The front of the puzzle has Wil’s signature. There are several variations of this puzzle. Each Variation has a different number of balls inside.
Open the cylinder
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Craftsman Quality, Limited Production
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